3in Dotty Rainbow Unicorn - 1 of 1

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1 per person... So if you buy this 3" Dotty Rainbow you cannot also buy the 6"... I'm trying to spread the love =D.

This is a 1 of 1. I may do dots again but never in this colour way! =)

These do not come with spesific box labels.

The casting for the 6in version went particularly wrong but instead of scraping the piece I wanted to save it by drilling all the air bubbles out and filling them all in. Though fixed, this left it looking very dotted and scared. Even on the 3in I often get a bubble or two that needs filling. I often feel personally and creatively that my weaknesses are also my strength and I wanted that to reflect in these pieces. The small piece also often have a bubble or two which is why I also made a smaller version.

This small version was painted at the same time as the 6" so the colour palettes are exactly the same. The two pieces took me 4 days of painting time with each dot individually brush painted.

I handmade these little cast resin unicorns and brush painted them. They can slightly vary in height. Approx 3" (or 75mm).

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International - S$13 with +S$2 per extra toy added to order