Permo Sculpey lot

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I started out making little polymer clay charms out of coloured permo sculpey. I now use a sightly different sculpey line for my single master sculpts thats most suitable for casting.

But as this is still perfectly good so I thought id past it on. I recommended you buy separately a bottle of clay softener as if clay feels a tiny bit brittle a tiny drop will freshen it up in no time =). It would be a great little starter for anyone looking to have a go at sculpting with oven bake clay 😊.

Includes mostly Premo apart from the top right (light colour) which is sculpey III which every so slightly different.

Im moving so need to do some serious downsizing but as im busy moving it's SG delivery only! 🙏

Singapore delivery only! 6sgd
Aiming to dispatch from mid/late march